Download Viva Video for Android, iPhone

Download Viva Video for Android and Iphone

Now a days the love for photography and editing the pics has been increased as the launch of many new Android devices is increasing. These Smart phone companies are releasing their Android devices with  the best camera features. People are very fascinated to photo shoots after the selfie feature has been installed. Front camera is the best feature in Android mobile that everyone like to use more. Although we have been using many editing applications from Google store to edit the images. Using the Free editing app, the smart phone users can directly take a pic by selecting the themes before capturing the pic. You can download Viva Video as it is among the best editing apps which provides you the best experience with the features installed in it. You may have many doubts regarding the Viva Video App. Ok, let me clear all your doubts with the brief view regarding this Video pro editor app.

What is Viva Video?

We love to store memories of the days spent with our friends and family members by capturing the videos or by creating a video collage. Viva Video is an excellent app now rolling fast in many Android devices. Viva Video-Free Video Editor is now available for all Android/ PC/ Laptop/ iPhone users of operating system windows XP/ 7/ 8/ 8.1/ 10. The pictures which you have captured using your Android device can be made into into an memorable Video using this Viva Video Apk. Many themes, editing options like different lenses and stickers are provided to make your video the best. You can assign a music from your own device or use the music available in the app.

Using the Viva Video apk, you can merge, edit, trim and dub any video. Many different camera lenses are provided which enables you to choose depending on your situation. Selfie lenses is the best feature that helps you to create a video with only your images. After editing the video or capturing the video you can share it on Google+, Facebook, Whatsapp, Youtube and many more Social Networking sites. Make sure that you are going to download the latest version of Viva Video for best experience.

How to Download Viva Video Apk for Android?

After going the through the features of Viva Video App made me to give a try. You can download viva video using the links given at the end of this post. Sometimes installation of the applications may become difficult due to the bugs or by choosing the out dated version. So follow the steps stated below to make your download easy and faster.

  • Go to the Google Play store app in your Android Device.
  • Type “Download Viva Video” in the search bar provided at the top.
  • Click on the app and tap on install button.
  • Make sure the installation of non market sources is enabled.
  • After accepting the Terms and conditions of Viva Video App, the download will be started.
  • The app will be installed on your android device and ready for use.

download viva video

How to Download Viva Video App for iPhone?

Iphone and iPad users have to download the application from the app store which is the inbuilt application same as that of Google Play store. iPhone and iPad users are asked to follow the steps stated below to download and install the Viva Video App on your device.

  • Go to the App store or iTunes in your iPhone or iPad.
  • Type “Viva Video app” in the search bar provided at the top.
  • Click on the app and tap on the install button.
  • For security check you need to enter your Apple password.
  • Viva Video app will be installed on your device now and enjoy its features.

I think you have gone through the points mentioned above and understood the uses of having the Viva Video App. You would not regret to download viva video app. If you want to know the features offered by the Viva Video App, just give a try and experience the Free Video Editing. After the installation of this video editing app, you don’t need to worry about the merging and editing the videos. All the features required for editing a video are now enabled in the Viva Video App software. If you have any doubts regarding the download and installation of Viva Video app, feel free to contact us. Stay Tuned to grab more information about the features of Viva Video App- Free Editing Software.

Download Links: For Android | For iOS (iPhone)

Viva Video Apk Download

Download Viva Video Apk For Free

Now a days the love for photography and shooting videos is increasing in the people. We shoot many videos to put them as a remembrance of that particular day like a best memory of our dear ones. Sometimes to make a perfect and nice video we have to edit the it using any video editor application. To make a best video you need to have a editing app with best features. If you are a video editing lover, you have to know the features of this best editing app called Viva Video Apk(Free Video Editor). Now I will let you know what the Viva Video Apk is? How to download the app on your device?. Viva Video Apk is available for all Android, iOS and PC/ Laptop.


viva video apk


What is Viva Video Apk?

Viva Video Apk is the best application to edit your videos easy and fast. This app will let you edit your videos by using different themes, stickers and captions etc. So far you might have seen many Video editing apps and experienced the features. But in case of Viva Video Apk, you will surely love the features inbuilt in the app. has launched the app recently to provide best video editing with new exciting features. Viva Video Pro and Slide Plus, Video Maker and Viva Video Editor are the applications developed by You are not asked to download any other application to add music. The music and dubbing feature is provided in the Viva Video application.

Download Viva Video Apk in Android, PC, Laptop

Now Viva Video Apk is easy and simple to download for all the mobiles having Android OS. Go through the points mentioned below to install the app on your Android Device/ iPhone/ PC and Laptop. If you are fed up with all the Video Editing apps just give a try to Viva Video Apk. Adobe Photoshop is the best editor but many of the people may not know how to use it. After the installation and usage of this app, you will feel that Viva Video Apk is the best application so far for editing videos. Here is the brief description about the application and steps involved in the Download and Installation of Viva Video App.

How to Install Viva Video Apk in Android?

  • To download Viva Video App you need to have an Android Emulator.
  • Google Play Store is an inbuilt Android Emulator in Android Devices.
  • Search in Google Play Store for “Viva Video- Free Video Editor”.
  • Click on it and an install option will be shown. Tap on it.
  • Your download will be done and install it.
  • Now enjoy the app and its features in your Android Device.

How to Install Viva Video Apk in PC/ Mac?

  • Firstly Download an Android Emulator like Bluestacks in your PC/ Laptop.
  • Search for Viva Video Apk in the Homepage and click on it.
  • Click on install option and accept the Terms and Conditions.
  • The app will be installed on your device with in few minutes.
  • Now open the app and use it to enjoy the features of Viva Video Apk.

How to Install Viva Video Apk in iPhone/ Ipad?

  • Go to the App Store application in your Apple iPhone.
  • Search for “Viva Video Apk- Free Video Editor”.
  • Click on it and tap on install button.
  • The app will be installed on your device and open it.
  • Go through the features inbuilt in the app to have a best experience in Video editing.
  • Start Capturing or editing a video with Viva Video Apk.

Features of Viva Video- Free Video Editor:

  • You can capture a video of unlimited length.
  • Provide you HD Capturing.
  • Can be able to Watermark Free videos.
  • No Advertisements will be displayed.
  • 9 Funny lenses are inbuilt to make any Prank Videos.
  • Enjoy Capturing Options( Selfie/ FX/ Funny/ Music Video/ Collage).
  • Selfie Camera is provided with 7 Awesome Lenses.
  • Edit your photos to make a best movie.
  • You can trim and edit the video in Story board editing.
  • Using Collage templates, merge your clips into a story.
  • 200+ Animated Stickers, themes, filters, FX, Tests, Transitions.

Download the Latest Version of Viva Video Apk

We will easily download any application from the Android emulator like Google Play Store in our device. But sometimes your download will not be performed well due to installation of old version of the respective app. So while downloading Viva Video Application check whether it is the upgraded version. Check for the Latest version v4.5.8 of Viva Video- Free Video Editor. In case Mobiles having RAM 1GB or less, use the Apk file to download the Viva Video App.

How to use Viva Video Apk?

After the download and installation of Viva video Apk, open it. You will see various options on the device screen showing you Edit, Slideshow, Capture, Music Video, Collage, Studio, Materials, Instagram, Magic Special Effects, Magical Slide Show maker. choose whether you want to capture a video and edit it or to edit a video with the stuff in your device. Now if you choose capture, click on it to open. Click on any one of the 9 Funny lenses that are provided in the app. Click on the button and capture your video using front camera or secondary camera. Now Click on edit to check the editing options and apply to your video. If you want to make a story using the pictures in your mobile, click on collage button. Go through all the features provided in the app and enjoy doing Pranks with your skill of editing.

I have enjoyed the app and loved the features installed in the Viva Video App. While moving on to different features you will feel excited to edit the video faster and watch it. After reading the points mentioned above you might be thinking to give a touch by installing the app. Surely you will get the best video output using this best editing app. Install the app and share your experience with us. If you have any doubts regarding the installation or editing of the app, feel free to contact us. Stay connected to this website for more information about Viva Video- Free Video Editor app.

Download Links: For Android | For iOS (iPhone)